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Environmental Protection

Whether SUNDEAA or our same industries, we all have effect on our earth, as a corporation we should do the positive effect on protecting the environment. Compare to the other traditional production process, we are working to build a transparent and environmentally responsible supply chain that creates high-quality, low-impact, long-lasting products.

We will consider our material carefully, and collaborate with our production partner to reduce the use of waste, chemicals and plastics that harm the earth's ecosystems. Our timeless base design is durable, so protecting the planet is part of our mission.

The world needs rapid action to slow climate change, and have meaningful change while we fighting against to it.

In order to implement our sustainable development goals, and responsible for our customer, we have committed to take two extensive actions: eliminating all raw plastics from the supply chain and moving all cotton production to organic production. Large-scale change rarely happens quickly, but we are making rapid and hopeful progress toward our goals.

Certified Organic Raw Materials

In the worldwide,  garment material (cotton) plant uses more toxic pesticides per acre than any other corps. This chemical substances are harming the global environment- nutrient-deprived lands, polluted water sources and threaten human beings. That's why we need to turn all of our ingredients into green, organic ingredients by 2025. 

Our approach - it turns out that organic crops are better for the planet. Scientific farming replaces toxic pesticides, uses crop rotation, mulch and organic fertilizers to create rich, life-sustaining soils. Pesticides can go deep underground, contaminate groundwater, make streams and rivers infected with viruses, which harms people and wildlife that depend on these sources. By replacing hazardous chemicals with natural substitutes and outdated agricultural techniques, farmers can avoid dangerous levels of exposure.

SUNDEAA works to use the most sustainable materials from farm to factory, and invest in new creative fabric to ensure we reduce our impact on the earth. We give priority to use natural fibers, but use the recycled synthetic fibre on significant performance and/or durability advantages places.

Denim Fabric

All of our jeans, denim shorts and skirts are according to latest way to produce, its methods are Internationally certified, We learn from the best producers around the world, our production generated heat and water can be recycled into reusable energy, it can be said that after a process, the jeans are made, which greatly saves the production time and energy.

Clean Silk

Our silk tops are dyed and manufactured in a certified dyeing and finishing factory. The producer is working to integrate a better supply chain from soil to shirts through renewable organic agriculture, renewable energy and water recycling.

Material Certification

Where possible, we work with many partners to certify our materials, suppliers and production processes.

It took us over a year to certify and become the best clothing manufacturer in the country, covering every step from certifying organic fiber processing to yarn to dyeing, factory and printing plant.

Certification Of Other Materials:

  • REACH Certification (registration, evaluation, authorization and limitation of chemicals)
  • DZDHC (Low Emission of Harmful Chemicals) Contributor
  • RSGRS (Global Recycling Standard) certified recycled material
  • The five freedoms of Animal welfare
  • Wool non-wool
  • RWS certification (for wool standards), non-emulsified wool

We conduct a Green Thinking Initiative audit to identify any sustainable development claims. In reviewing and selecting partner facilities, we will also consider and review the following aspects:

  • Health and safety standards
  • Labour condition
  • Fair wages
  • Energy use
  • Carbon emission
  • Water use and treatment
  • Reclaimer
  • Renewable energy


Renewable Energy

We are investing in large-scale renewable energy production for the national grid through wind, solar, geothermal, and electricity. This approach significantly reduces emissions associated with electricity use while reducing the country's dependence on fossil fuels.

Sustainable Design

All the clothes we design and produce are based on the goal of sustainable development. Designers pay special attention to environmental protection while considering comfort. So our designers put a lot of thought and time into designing a garment, but they always say, it's a meaningful thing to do so. We are very pleased to have such a group of employees who care for the earth and make a contribution to the sustainable development of mankind.

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